Monday, 15 February 2016


This is my new blog ;
well , to make a difference in my life.. 
i wanna start a new fresh ..
i want to be a new ME .


this year , i wana change myself..
from worse to better ,
from chldlish to mature ,
from dependent to indipendent ,
from bad to good ..

i want to be a person that no one notice when im around but ,
they will notice when i'm not around .. 
i want to be an outstanding lady ,
different from the others .

i want to join a lot of voluntrary association ,
i want to make a lot of good deeds ,
i want to find my True Friend that will always remind me of Allah ,
and , i want to close my heart to the boys until i am ready to get married . 

maybe it's a little bit cheesy huh ? 
but ... thats the truth ! i want to be that person .

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